Grammy Nominee Matt Wilson's Christmas Tree-O

By Noce (other events)

Thursday, December 20 2018 7:00 PM 10:00 PM

Drummer Matt Wilson has been collecting more than percussion instruments: His accolades include four consecutive titles as DrownBeats critics rising star drummer; Best New Artist by the New York Jazz Critics Circle; winner of the 2004 Modern Drummers reader's poll; nomination as 2004 and 2006 Jazz Drummer of the Year by the Jazz Journalists Association.

From Matt's Liner Notes:
Traditions are a way for us to reconnect with events and times. Christmas is a time of year when traditions are especially important for folks. I have many that I enjoy. Decorating the tree, singing Christmas carols, going to church on Christmas Eve, watching the children open their presents, watching It's A Wonderful Life and, when I was young, doing my best to have the fortitude to eat a traditional Christmas dish of Sweden lutefish. My brothers and I lovingly referred to it as fish jello. Creates quite a culinary image right? I'm sure you have many traditions as Christmas time that is dear to your heart. We hope as you and your loved ones celebrate the season that you will welcome a new tradition, the mellifluous sounds of the Christmas Tree-O. So as you decorate, cook or motor to Grandma's house, allow this heartfelt music to lift your spirits and brighten your holiday season.


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